Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Carl Jung - Aspects of the Feminine

“Love requires depth and loyalty of feelings; without them it is not love but mere caprice. True love will always commit itself and engage in lasting ties; it needs freedom only to effect its choice, not for its accomplishment. Every true and deep love is a sacrifice. Love has more than one thing in common with religious faith. It demands unconditional trust and expects absolute surrender. Just as nobody but the believer who surrenders himself wholly to God can partake of divine grace, so love reveals its highest mysteries and its wonder only to those who are capable of unqualified devotion and loyalty of feeling. And because this is so difficult, few mortals can boast of such an achievement. But, precisely because the truest and most devoted love is also the most beautiful, let no man seek to make it easy. Love is not cheap --- let us therefore beware of cheapening it!”

For book lovers

Dear nieces and nephews, and also little vicki if she understands any of this, i thought i should start a blog of some sort just to keep up with the times. Hah.

As you all know, i have a long-standing love affair with books, and i spend most of my money on books, and coffee, and drinks, and gadgets, and...... but mostly on books. I've built up a small "fortune" over the years and will most likely bequeath them all to vicki and my nieces and nephews if they want any of it. Otherwise, these books are better off buried/cremated with me. Then i can really read them at long leisure. ;-)

Oftentimes, in the course of my reading adventures, i come across many beautiful and meaningful passages. So i thought this blogging thingy would be a good way to share some of these with you as i come across them in my readings.

These bloggings are for all of you.