Sunday, April 27, 2008

seeing inward

When your heart becomes calm, you will see the falsehood of your heart; and at the
same time, you will also see the truth that is in it. In addition, you will see the faults of the
restless, distracted wandering of the heart, which causes you to be agitated and unhappy.
At the same time, you will also see the merit and virtue of a calm, cool heart, which
brings you happiness while the heart is calm.

Acharn Maha Boowa

Teachings by Than Acharn Maha Boowa

Picture by: Eric Lafforgue@Flickr


G said...

Thank you for posting the teachings of Luangta Maha Boowa recently, Solitaire. He's a powerful achariya isn't he? The forest bhikkhus at the International Forest Monastery here in Ubon have the greatest of regards for him, and he has taught Dharma there previously.

I once visited his forest monastery in Thailand, but he had already left that morning to visit someplace else. Walking around the temple grounds I got a real feel for the atmosphere of the place which was quiet & well ordered. Monks were washing the wooden floors of the main building, intent on making it spotless. A physical manifestation of making the mind pure & spotless, too, no doubt.

Be well, Solitaire.
G at 'Forest Wisdom'.

solitaire said...

Yes, Gary, Acharn Maha Boowa is indeed one of the greatest living teachers. I have not had the opportunity to go on a retreat in Thailand.. but i know one day i will.

Blessings to you, Gary.