Wednesday, June 04, 2008

what matters

"What really matters to the world? What matters to me?" Isabel Allende

What Matters was created by New York Times best-selling author/editor David Elliot Cohen to be published in September 2008.

What Matters contains 18 searing, socially-conscious photo-essays by the great photo-journalists of our generation including James Nachtwey. Each photo-essay is accompanied by a passionate, polemical essay written by well-known experts such as Jeffrey Sachs (The End of Poverty), Samantha Power (Pulitzer Prize Winner for A Problem from Hell: American in the Age of Genocide) and Bill McKibben (The End of Nature).

Photography advances public discourse and demands action.

A very powerful book that will move you and inspire you.

Official Website: What Matters

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David Elliot Cohen said...

Thanks for letting people know about What Matters. I appreciate it. David Elliot Cohen, editor

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dearest Solitaire,
Thanks so much for sharing, i will surely try and lay my hands on this does sound very interesting.
I hope life at your end is good and you are doing fine dear one, i have been so busy in work off late...sorry couldnt visit you so long!
I am sending you lots of Love, prayers and a Hug :) Take good care of are truly Precious:)
God Bless you and your loved ones always :)