Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Evolution of Confusion - Daniel C. Dennett


sycadel said...

hey, I am a big fan of Dan Dennet's philosophy but I have had a hard time reconciling his extreme materialism with my own beliefs and views. He does seem to dismiss or neglect the possibility of finding truth through spirituality. I have great respect for his clarity of thought and his insights, nonetheless. I am just wondering what motivated you to post it and how you feel it relates to the Buddha's message.

solitaire said...

Buddhism encourages us to investigate, to think for ourselves, to inquire (the Kalama Sutta comes to mind and that's what i always like about Buddhism). I do not agree with everything that Dennett expounds, but his lectures/writings keep me on my 'toes' by pushing my thinking a little further. A dose of Dennett is good once in a while, i guess.