Saturday, May 15, 2010

walk of life

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"The contrast between the nearly obsolete expression walk of life and the modern word career captures much of what needs to be said about the relation between the studio and the marketplace. Walk of life implies a deliberate pace, as if one takes time to enjoy and record the landscape through which one is passing. One can arrive anywhere by walking, although it takes more time than careening. One arrives later, one arrives mature.

Career, on the other hand, at least today implies a nervous, outwardly directed endeavour that tests one's powers but may also abuse them and leave little time for them to develop into deep coherence.

Walk of life can be, although often it is not, the inner aspect of career. Similarly, career can be the outer aspect of walk of life; it assures the worldly progress - the personal connections, material opportunities, and social acceptance - of a professional life. Today, and in any era that thrusts art into a competitive marketplace, the artist must find a delicate balance. There is nothing wrong with a career, but it is empty and sometimes corrupting if it lacks the contemplative pace of a walk of life."

Roger Lipsey, The Spiritual in Twentieth Century Art

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