Friday, May 11, 2012

蘇軾 Su Shi

蘇軾 十年生死兩茫茫,不思量, 自難忘。千里孤墳,無處話淒涼。縱使相逢應不識,塵滿面,鬢如霜。 夜來幽夢忽還鄉,小軒窗,正梳妝。相顧無言,惟有淚千行。料得年年腸斷處,明月夜,短松岡。 Ten years living and dead have drawn apart I do nothing to remember But I cannot forget Your lonely grave a thousand miles away ... Nowhere can I talk of my sorrow -- Even if we met, how would you know me My face full of dust My hair like snow? In the dark of night, a dream: suddenly, I am home You by the window Doing your hair I look at you and cannot speak Your face is streaked by endless tears Year after year must they break my heart These moonlit nights? That low pine grave? Su Shi

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