Friday, January 16, 2015

Tagore Letters from a young poet

14 May 1892

The universe has many paradoxes, one among which is that where there's an extensive landscape, endless sky, dense clouds, a deep feeling, in other words in a place where the eternal is manifest, there its appropriate companion can be only one person - too many people make it too petty and messy. Infinity and one person are both evenly balance in relation to one another - both deserve to sit on their individual thrones face-to-face. And if you have many people staying together, they tend to cut one another down to size - if a person wants to spread out his entire soul, he needs so much space that there's no room for five or six people near him. In my judgement, if you want a good fit, then in this wide world it is possible to fit only an intimate two - there's no space for more - the moment you gather a number in excess of that, you have to lessen yourself in order to accommodate one another's demands - you have to insert yourself into the available gaps. In the meantime, I am unable to receive - with hands cupped and arms extended in prayer - the blessings of nature's deep, limitless expanse that is given so generously.

R. Tagore

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