Wednesday, February 06, 2008

ineffable calm

The evening was lonely for me,
and i was reading a book till my heart became dry,
and it seemed to me that beauty was a thing fashioned by the traders in words.
Tired i shut the book and snuffed the candle.
In a moment, the room was flooded with moonlight.

Spirit of Beauty, how could you, whose radiance overbrims the sky,
stand hidden behind a candle's tiny flame?
How could a few vain words from a book rise like a mist, and veil her
whose voice has hushed from the heart of earth into ineffable calm?

Rabindranath Tagore, The Evening was Lonely

Picture: All Rights Reserved ® aml.2007


akash said...

I am enjoying your selection of poems .
Thank you ,


solitaire said...

These poems all have a special meaning to me... Am glad you like them :-)

pbsweeney said...

Oh, this is just so beautiful. Such a stunning revelation.


solitaire said...

Yes, i was very moved when i first read this. Peace to you, Patricia.