Tuesday, May 13, 2008

realm of knowledge

"O son of a noble family, in the Bodhisattvas' realm of knowledge, there is no place for speculations about the aeons; therein will not be experienced or known either long duration of Samsara or short duration of Samsara; nor will there be experienced or known either depravity of aeons or purity of aeons, or smallness of aeons or greatness of aeons, or multitude of aeons or diversity of aeons, or variety of aeons. For what reason is that so? Because, O son of a noble family, the Bodhisattva's realm of knowledge is pure in its very nature, is free from all the trammels of ideation, is beyond all the mountains of veiling obstructions. This knowledge arises in the pure intention of the Bodhisattvas and sheds its radiance on all the beings who will in time be led to spiritual maturity by different means according to their different dispositions.

In the same way, O son of a noble family, as in the disk of the sun the distinction of day and night cannot be found, nor does it reside there, but when the sun has set, night is known and experienced, and when the sun has risen, day is known and experienced - so also, O son of a noble family, in the Bodhisattvas' realm of knowledge (which is like unto the disk of the sun and) which knows not of ratiocination, one cannot find any thought constructions as to the aeons, nor can one find there any ideas about lives in this world, or about any paths (that one might walk). On the contrary, it is due to the fact that it takes time until all the beings have attained to spiritual maturity (ie, Buddhahood) that in the ratiocinationless realm of knowledge, ideas and calculations as to lives in the aeons, and as to the world in general, are found."

Samantabhadracaryapranidhana, Gandavyuha

Taken from: Tibetan Buddhism in Western Perspective by Herbert V. Guenther

Death of a Pioneer

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